Why should you submit data to the Colorado Broadband Map?

Broadband Map

Why should you submit data?

Your data is important because it helps develop a comprehensive picture of broadband availability in Colorado.

The Colorado Broadband Office uses this data to guide statewide policy and direct our efforts to areas of need. The two state level funding opportunities (DOLA Broadband Program and Broadband Deployment Fund) utilize this data to make funding award decisions.

If we receive accurate and updated information, the Colorado Broadband Office can help you identify additional funding opportunities such as the upcoming FCC Connect America Fund Phase II Auction or potential partnerships with regional and local public infrastructure projects.

How is your data utilized?

You will work with one of our analysts on your data submission. we understand that you may have time or technical constraints in developing the data that we ask for, and we are willing to help you develop these materials if necessary.

Your data will then be processed into a standard format and integrated with the other provider data into a statewide database which is presented on the Colorado Broadband Map and available for download on the Colorado Information Marketplace. This database is anonymized so that your specific data is not publicly available.

Visit the Broadband Mapping page to learn more about the program and the Data Submission Guidance page to learn how to submit data.