Public Safety Broadband Advocacy

The Colorado Broadband Office (CBO) supports and advocates for Colorado’s first responders to ensure they find the best possible broadband solutions for their needs. In coordination with the Colorado Public Safety Broadband Governing Body (CPSBGB), the CBO will track the FirstNet project, including deployment milestones, semi-annual operational review and meeting, and network coverage gap feedback and validation process. These activities will help provide Colorado’s first responder community with the necessary information and support for each agency to make the best public safety broadband adoption decision for their community.

Resources for stakeholders

Colorado Public Safety Broadband Governing Body (CPSBGB)


History of Public Safety
Broadband in Colorado



Public Safety Broadband Coverage Gap Feedback Form

About FirstNet

FirstNet offers two separate websites to the public:

  • is the original site about FirstNet history, news, board, and process.
  • is the new public marketing site created to help stakeholders understand the services provided by the FirstNet and AT&T partnership. This site will also serve as the operational site for agencies that choose to adopt the FirstNet and AT&T services.

Since December 2017, when all states opted-in to the FirstNet/AT&T, the project has evolved into a new stage. FirstNet/AT&T will be conducting outreach to all agencies within the states to encourage them to adopt their services. It is important to remember that agencies are not required to adopt any of these services if they do not meet that agencies’ needs.

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