Public Safety Technology Program

The Public Safety Technology Program provides a statewide resource to help first responders from all levels of government and all disciplines navigate the transition to state-of-the-art communications technologies. Through the initiatives below, the Colorado Broadband Office (CBO) is working to assist first responders in this transition, as well as facilitate the coordinated implementation of public safety systems and technologies at a statewide level.


Public Safety
Broadband Advocacy

A source for news, activities, services, and feedback related to the Public Safety Technology Program, the FirstNet/AT&T project, and the Colorado Public Safety Broadband Governing Body.


Helping public safety stakeholders understand and access emerging technologies and capabilities, including new devices and applications designed for first responders.

Data Sharing

Working with local, regional, state, and federal jurisdictions and agencies to help create data sharing relationships to ensure the proper data can be shared as authorized in a timely manner.

Public Safety Technology Events

Find out what we are doing! The Colorado Broadband Office travels across the state hosting, facilitating, and attending events that highlight public safety technology.

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