Broadband Mapping


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With the goal of universal broadband access by 2020, the two fundamental questions are: “Where are the areas of need?” and “How do we focus our investments?”. The objective of the Broadband Mapping Initiative is to answer those questions. The Broadband Mapping Team supports this objective through data collection, analysis, and product development.

One of the primary roles of the Broadband Mapping Team is to update broadband service data and maintain the interactive Broadband Map, which strives to provide consumers, community leaders, and broadband providers with a comprehensive tool to better understand the broadband landscape throughout Colorado. This interactive map allows users to search specific locations, view broadband technologies and speeds, submit speed tests and surveys, as well as identify areas that lack broadband access. To make sure we are providing accurate information, service availability data is collected biannually from approximately 100 broadband providers.


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