Broadband Tools

Broadband Surveys

The Colorado Broadband Office (CBO) uses surveys to collect information about broadband experiences across the state. The information helps the CBO understand the broadband landscape in Colorado and identify areas of need. Currently there are two survey options:

Speed Test: The Speed Test Survey tests your internet connection using the Ookla Speedtest application. We ask for additional information including your address and information about your service provider and service package. Data collected from this test will be anonymized and aggregated for public use.

Broadband Map Corrections Survey: Does the Colorado Broadband Map show service availability that is incorrect? Please help us correct our data by filling out the Broadband Map Corrections Survey.


Public Safety Surveys

Public Safety Broadband Coverage Gap Feedback Form: The Coverage Gap Feedback Form is a vendor agnostic form that captures feedback from Public Safety stakeholders on coverage issues they are experiencing with their Wireless/Data services. This data will be used to provide the commercial carriers with feedback in an effort to improve coverage across the state.