Broadband Development Program

The Broadband Development Program focuses on organizing, facilitating, and educating stakeholder groups to increase awareness of the impact of broadband and to support planning and policy to foster broadband deployment in Colorado. The primary goal that drives our efforts is to ensure all Coloradans have access to reliable, cost-effective broadband internet. We also are tasked with the coordination of broadband efforts across all state agencies and strive to facilitate the conversations surrounding broadband development throughout the public and private sectors.



Percent of households with access to broadband internet as of October 2018


Percent of rural household with access to broadband internet as of October 2018


Number of broadband providers participating in our mapping effort as of October 2018


Number of schools with fiber infrastructure as of September 2018



Working with our local and regional partners across the state to support communities in their broadband planning and infrastructure development.

Goal: Ensure that 92% of rural households have broadband access by the end of 2019.


Collect and maintain broadband availability information in order to identify unserved areas, support planning and policy, and support stakeholders.

Goal: Strengthen Map Data Accuracy and Applicability

Kids Link

Working to ensure that all students in Colorado have access to scalable infrastructure, high-speed affordable bandwidth, and ubiquitous
Wi-Fi for digital learning.

Goal: Increase Connectivity and Affordability of K-12 Broadband Services through E-rate

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