Opportunity for Analysis of the FirstNet network coverage – Update

Colorado Broadband Office News, Public Safety Technology

If you are a public safety or government agency that is a current FirstNet, Built with AT&T customer or interested in transitioning to this service, the Colorado Broadband Office’s (CBO) Coverage Analysis program is available to help in your assessment.

The CBO has procured several solutions using both in-vehicle and handheld/smartphone devices to gather data to support the FirstNet, Built with AT&T network coverage analysis. We encourage interested parties to fill out our survey to identify potential gaps, both outdoor and in-building, with the existing AT&T network. The CBO will contact you to determine the best use of these solutions to assess coverage where the gaps are reported.

If your agency is currently gathering network performance data, the CBO may be able to aggregate the data to assist in understanding if the reported gaps are valid. Contact us directly to discuss that option as well.

This program is grant funded, therefore, testing will only be available through the end of 2019. Please contact us before time runs out to help with information needed for your decision!